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Playing Miniwinx Bloom Room

Play the Miniwinx Bloom Room game here at! Style and decorate your room with miniwinx bloom. Create your very own little paradise!

Hit "Play" once the game has loaded. To begin decorating your winx club room, just move the various different pieces of furniture around by left clicking on them and dragging with your mouse.

Miniwinx Bloom Room

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    musa_riven29 (4890) - 2014-04-17, 08:50
    good game

  • avatar
    I LOVE BLOOM VERY MUCH (2920) - 2014-04-05, 09:20

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    busybee458 (54390) - 2014-03-15, 22:21
    Why do people put stuff like this,plus there is no magic in the world:
    don't read this. you will be kissed on the best day of your life. now that you started reading,don't stop.this is so freaky.1.say your name 10 times.2.say your mom's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times.4.paste this on 4 other games.if you do your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday possible.but if you don't ,you will get bad luck.send this on 5 different games in 143 minutes.when you are done,press F6 and your crushes name will appear in big letters .this is so freaky it actually works.

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    Xhesjana53 (50730) - 2014-02-16, 09:11

  • avatar
    Xhesjana53 (50730) - 2014-02-15, 08:18
    like this game

  • avatar
    busybee458 (54390) - 2014-02-14, 17:30
    ԼƠƔЄ this game ღღ

  • avatar
    busybee458 (54390) - 2014-02-12, 18:51
    i forgot the password

  • avatar
    StellaSirenix (250) - 2014-02-05, 18:50
    Hey guys! its me

  • avatar
    busybee458 (54390) - 2014-01-08, 18:50
    tat clap clap tatata clap clap
    go music!

  • avatar
    busybee458 (54390) - 2014-01-08, 18:49

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