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Playing Winx Club - Attack to Magic

Play as the character you want with a choice of all the Winx Club members. Beat the game by fighting against all of the ferocious enemies! You can fight in various locations such as the winx castle. By using the winx club characters special abilities, you can easily defeat the winx club's arch enemy Araknoculos! This game is fun, exciting and will keep you on edge! Always!

The goal of the game is: by using the different powers ups for each Winx club member defeat the arch enemy and final boss Araknoculos! Decide which attack you would like to use, then carefully try to select the max energy level you can to hit, causing the most damage on Araknoculos.

Winx Club - Attack to Magic

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  • avatar
    Tortybarka005 (370) - 2015-07-28, 07:14
    Please I want Valtor as the final boss of this game because even he could be only a bit easier than Lord Darkar, Please add Valtor here.

  • avatar
    peyton royal (30600) - 2015-03-13, 11:44
    It's easy until you get to Icy, You think Mosh is hard, She's ten times worse than Mosh

  • avatar
    peyton royal (30600) - 2015-03-12, 20:10
    he's Easy Use tecna

  • avatar
    nada 28 (1620) - 2015-01-31, 23:46
    too hard for me i can't defeat mosh

  • avatar
    fariya (3850) - 2014-12-27, 04:51
    so hard game

  • avatar
    bloom flora (22320) - 2014-12-16, 09:24
    her name is not layla

  • avatar
    Nhi (250) - 2014-11-13, 06:17
    very interesting and nice

  • avatar
    bloomfloraroxystella (14080) - 2014-10-31, 20:23
    You have to beat monsters and its hard because you have to click energy and when you click a spell

  • avatar
    musa4321 (6160) - 2014-10-12, 04:18
    don't read this. you will be kissed on the best day of your life. now that you started reading, don't stop. this is so freaky. 1. say your name 10 times. 2.say your moms name 5 times and crushes name 3 times.4. paste this on 4 different games. if you do your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. but if you don't, you will get bad luck. send this on five different games in 143 minutes. when u are done, press F6 and your crushes name will appear in big
    letters. its so freaky it acualy works.

  • avatar
    Musa Music (8860) - 2014-10-08, 02:18
    Nice Game

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