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Playing Let Your Wings Shine

Let your winx club wings shine in this great winx club game. This is an all-in-one kind of game. It's not just a single game in itself, there are different games for each of the winx club characters. There's 8 games in total. You can even create your own fairy with this one.

Once the game has loaded click the "Play" button to get going. From there you have to click either one of the winx fairies of create your very own fairy. Each of the winx club characters represents a different game. Each of the different games comes with introductory tutorials as well. We hope you have lots of fun playing this winx club game!

Let Your Wings Shine

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  • avatar
    FAHAD786 (1290) - 2015-11-22, 06:33

  • avatar
    mary (1540) - 2015-07-10, 13:51
    say ur name 10 times
    say moms name 5 times
    say crush's name 3 times
    post this on 5 other games in 143 mins
    press f5 or f6!

  • avatar
    Ella the fairy of Diamonds (1870) - 2015-03-16, 17:42
    It doesn't work on phones, I guess. #sad

  • avatar
    lillyfrog06 (12180) - 2015-02-11, 16:04
    Oh wow, at the quiz at the end, it said I am most like my fave fairy, Bloom!

  • avatar
    lillyfrog06 (12180) - 2015-02-11, 15:31
    Pretty fun game.

  • avatar
    musawinx (1870) - 2015-01-03, 03:59
    My fav. is Musa too !

  • avatar
    bloom flora (22340) - 2014-12-16, 09:31
    wow you guys love musa my fav is flora

  • avatar
    sharon (1310) - 2014-11-06, 05:38
    pls i need help i am new to dis winx club games so i dont know how to make friends in dis

  • avatar
    bloomfloraroxystella (14720) - 2014-11-01, 15:16
    Its so fun.

  • avatar
    Musa Music (8860) - 2014-10-05, 08:28

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