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Playing Winx Club Musa Dressup!

Use you fashion expertise and creativity to dress up Musa in anyway you wish! You can dress her in any style you desire! This game is a MUST PLAY for anyone interested in fashion and winx club as well!

By using your mouse to click and drag. Move the assorted clothes from the messy pile to the part of the body you wish for Musa to wear on. You may also print your design by clicking the print button!

Winx Club Musa Dressup!

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  • avatar
    asisha (7250) - 2015-08-23, 22:36
    musa is so good

  • avatar
    asisha (7250) - 2015-08-23, 22:33
    beautiful game

  • avatar
    lillyfrog06 (12180) - 2015-08-16, 19:57
    say iphone 10 times say blue 4 times post this on 4 other games look under your pillow and you will find a blue ipad [works]

  • avatar
    lillyfrog06 (12180) - 2015-03-10, 17:40
    Cool game. I like dressing her up like a sailor.

  • avatar
    lillyfrog06 (12180) - 2015-02-11, 16:28
    It's pretty fun, but it could use some music.

  • avatar
    winxmusa124 (5420) - 2014-09-07, 12:01
    love it but it needs music

  • avatar
    princesshensley11 (270) - 2014-08-25, 14:51
    this is cool, Would be better with music. :/ but anyways, I like how she has her full outfit from the starting of being a fairy!

  • avatar
    Nixie91 (26730) - 2014-05-26, 17:21
    Magic Winx! Charmix! We are the Winx anything now are we the Winx we are we are the Winx! We are the magic of the Winx!

  • avatar
    Nixie91 (26730) - 2014-05-26, 17:09
    On my next comment you'll find the lyrics to the song.

  • avatar
    Nixie91 (26730) - 2014-05-16, 16:23
    Cool! I made her in her Charmix!

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