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Enchantimals Felicity Fox

If the game does not start, try the following in Google Chrome: 1. go to setting 2. search "flash" 3. click "content setting" 4. click "flash" 5. enable "Allow sites to run flash" 6. Disable " Ask first" Now refresh the page and the flash game will run
Enchantimals Felicity Fox
Enchantimals Felicity Fox : A group of lovable girls who have a special bond with their animal friends, and even share some of the same characteristics. Together, they live in a fantastical world where fun and adventure are right around every corner! A world where friendship makes anything possible. Felicity is quick, clever and completely curious about anything and everything. She is rarely still and is always ready for any adventure that will take her to a place she's never seen. Felicity and Flick love to go exploring together, especially to places they have never been to before.
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Date: 2017-08-07

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