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Magic of Believix

If the game does not start, try the following in Google Chrome: 1. go to setting 2. search "flash" 3. click "content setting" 4. click "flash" 5. enable "Allow sites to run flash" 6. Disable " Ask first" Now refresh the page and the flash game will run
Magic of Believix
In this exciting winx club game, you have to defeat all of your evil enemies who seek to destroy you. Choose from a list of available winx club characters to play with, then using your special winx abilities, fly through the different landscapes aiming and firing your magical beam vanquishing your opponents. Watch out for the pets though! Must not shoot the pets! Every character has a different special power. Play with different characters to see what they each can do!
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Date: 2013-07-16

200953 Users Played

Use your arrow keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) to maneuver around the game. Press your Spacebar button to shoot your magical beam. Defeat all of the evil enemies to advance to the next level and eventually finish the game. You will receive bonus points for saving pets. Rescue them by flying into them!

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    ariana 3160
    in the game is roxy my favourit fairy beause she has the best magic for use
    in the real live is bloom my favourit fairy
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    It is very hard.
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    musa 135 19970
    Musa is my fave fairy but her powers are really bad and hard to use
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    mary 1540
    say ur name 10 times
    say moms name 5 times
    say crush's name 3 times
    post this on 5 other games in 143 mins
    press f5 or f6!
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