Kiko's New Adventure

Kiko's New Adventure
Kiko has returned! With a brand new adventure! Guide the chirpy little rabbit whom we all love through a epic new quest all the way to Alfea.
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Date: 2013-10-22

53307 Users Played

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control Kiko. Avoid or jump on top of those nasty monsters. And watch out for those gaps!

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    kgk500 690
    my favorite game is world of winx because it is really fun and well that's pretty it
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    say ur name 10 times
    say ur moms name 5 times
    say ur crush's name 3 times
    paste this on 5 other games in 143 mins
    press f6 and you crush's name appear in big letters.
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    musa 135 19970
    well kikos cute
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    peyton royal 30600
    idk it's kinda fun, and it's better than the first one but there's just something i don't like about it.
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