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Someone has an account that is useless? can I have it? I can make it have more points :D
I Passed the last level
wow, 28 coins in one round :DD
I wish they have harmonix,sirenix and bloomix clothes here..
but great game! :D
OMG Level 20 :DD
Forever Loading, 7 yrs old until 8 yrs. old
(Please Read)
Hello Winxers!
I am Musa Bloom Sirenix,
and today I am bringing with me some news.
the news is
Ignio Straffi, the director of the series, says that
he will not continue Winx club season 7 in the world,
except for Italy and Europe,
But dont worry! you can just watch ENGLISH EUROPEAN in youtube :D

Have a Winx-tastic day!
In Battling Shadow Phoenix or Darkar (final level)
Use All the winx members at the same time against Darkar
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