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Musa Bloom Sirenix
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Someone has an account that is useless? can I have it? I can make it have more points :D
I Passed the last level
wow, 28 coins in one round :DD
OMG Level 20 :DD
Forever Loading, 7 yrs old until 8 yrs. old
(Please Read)
Hello Winxers!
I am Musa Bloom Sirenix,
and today I am bringing with me some news.
the news is
Ignio Straffi, the director of the series, says that
he will not continue Winx club season 7 in the world,
except for Italy and Europe,
But dont worry! you can just watch ENGLISH EUROPEAN in youtube :D

Have a Winx-tastic day!
In Battling Shadow Phoenix or Darkar (final level)
Use All the winx members at the same time against Darkar
In Red fountain (level 4)
Use Layla against Snake
Use Stella against Lidon
Use Layla against Dragodon
Use Musa And Bloom against Icy
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