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heroines harmonix is one of my fovourit winx club game
ist a good gamme and there are more then only sirenix ther is all from magic winx up to deamix
by some transforms are the wings missing and onyrix is missin complitly
in the game is roxy my favourit fairy beause she has the best magic for use
in the real live is bloom my favourit fairy
Game: Crazy Candy
My best score is 5180
Game: Crazy Candy
I now the game from but there you need much points to ulock and I don't like thet the geme doesn't work after some levels then you shot on two lolysn and they don't go
(sorry my engish isn't good because I'm german)
I like the game but I don't andestand why only nomal peopel in the salong because it's a winx club game
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