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Do you believix

If the game does not start, try the following in Google Chrome: 1. go to setting 2. search "flash" 3. click "content setting" 4. click "flash" 5. enable "Allow sites to run flash" 6. Disable " Ask first" Now refresh the page and the flash game will run
Do you believix
Hang out with the winx club fairies Tecna, Bloom, Flora and Stella in this cool winx club game. Visit the magical wonder that is Gardenia where you can listen to the aforementioned winx club members and have them guide you around the Gardenia paradise. You play a new Alfea student trying to uncover your true hidden talent in this game. How do you achieve this? By playing the winx club games of course! The remaining winx club fairies should be arriving shortly...
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Date: 2013-08-20

175468 Users Played

To unlock the other characters games you have to:

1) Play Tecna, Flora, and Stella’s games.
2) Talk to Bloom.
3) Play any of the three games again.
4) Talk to Bloom again. She’ll tell you Musa has arrived.
5) Play Musa’s game, then talk to Bloom again.

She’ll say she has “two surprises” for you, which are Aisha and Roxy.

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    It is now working for me again, time to restart the whole game though.
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    this thing is so weird i just cannot complete the flora level i got it correct.but it says i am wrong.
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    I'm on a different computer and now it wont even accept that i have flashplayer :(
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    I love this game but it's so annoying right now because it won't load.
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