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Playing Winx Nail Shop

Enter the winx club nail shop! With this winx club game you can design and style your nails however which way you choose. If that doesn't satisfy, then there's an added in challenge for you to compete by matching the nail design your customer wishes to have.

This game features an in-game tutorial for each of it's different themes. Shouldn't be too hard to pick up!

Winx Nail Shop

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  • avatar
    bloomfloraroxystella (9320) - 2014-11-10, 16:08
    I love painting nails for the customers.

  • avatar
    bloomfloraroxystella (9320) - 2014-11-03, 18:17
    I love this game.

  • avatar
    bloomfloraroxystella (9320) - 2014-10-31, 17:38
    Quick play is so fun you can make nail look awsome.

  • avatar
    bloom flora (17170) - 2014-10-16, 17:50
    some time it wont dry!

  • avatar
    Tecna Technology (3110) - 2014-10-07, 09:19

  • avatar
    Musa Music (8300) - 2014-10-07, 05:41

  • avatar
    Tecna Technology (3110) - 2014-10-05, 11:20
    This is awesome.

  • avatar
    bloom flora (17170) - 2014-09-13, 19:11
    A OK

  • avatar
    peyton royal (21580) - 2014-07-29, 12:02
    doesn't this game pause... i keep getting facebook messages while playing and i have to close the game to answer the message without losing. It took me three times to complete the game without closing it

  • avatar
    peyton royal (21580) - 2014-07-29, 12:00
    right what's the point of that... it's supposed to be winx nail shop not winx and trix nail shop

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