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Winx Club Sky Way!

If the game does not start, try the following in Google Chrome: 1. go to setting 2. search "flash" 3. click "content setting" 4. click "flash" 5. enable "Allow sites to run flash" 6. Disable " Ask first" Now refresh the page and the flash game will run
Winx Club Sky Way!
Play as the winx club gatherer in this cool winx club game. Your aim is to collect as many fruits, vegetables and food as you can! By using a seesaw Sophix and Tecna bounce eachother further and further up into the sky to try and collect as many fruits as possible! The more fruits you get the better! No winx club fairies can go hungry!
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Date: 2013-04-15

27794 Users Played

Using your mouse move the characters side to side aiming to collect as many fruits as possible, When the time comes to fall click your mouse which will make the character fall. Afterwards the other character will go into the air and you will need to do the same thing.

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    This game is nice,but it's too easy
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    sofia123 3140
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    i dont understand where 'sophix and tecna' comes from because it is in the description but none of these are in the game.
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    peyton royal winxy fever already stated this exact word to word that means one of you is copyig plus winxy fever wrote this a day before you
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