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Playing Trix Versus Winx

Play versus Trix in this free and challenging winx club game. Aim the pointer in the center wall accurately to allow all of the correctly coloured balls into the right area to beat the game! This one is trickier than it looks. Those balls are sneaky little devils! Once you've got the hang of it this game will be easy peasy.

Firstly, hit "Play" and on the following screen hit "Start". Once the game has initiated and all the balls are flying around everywhere you can begin playing. The trick with this game is to get all of the blue balls into the blue area and all of the red balls into the red area. After each level the amount of balls increases, causing the game to become more and more difficult. Hope you have fun! Thanks for playing this free winx club game.

Trix Versus Winx

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    bloom flora (22200) - 2015-07-16, 18:49

  • avatar
    lillyfrog06 (11910) - 2015-02-11, 16:06
    I don't like it. I don't even understand the point of this game!

  • avatar
    winxmusa124 (5420) - 2014-09-10, 16:42
    this is stupid

  • avatar
    musa 135 (19970) - 2014-08-15, 17:56
    Nah...not good

  • avatar
    Nixie91 (26730) - 2014-05-17, 19:35
    Hard don't like it.

  • avatar
    EnglishWinxClub (3930) - 2014-03-22, 13:50
    i dont like it ethier its sucks!

  • avatar
    EnglishWinxClub (3930) - 2014-03-22, 13:49
    Japenese music.

  • avatar
    princess bollom (10340) - 2014-03-09, 13:27
    medeeastella wanna my frnd

  • avatar
    princess bollom (10340) - 2014-03-09, 13:25

  • avatar
    MedeeaStella (44430) - 2014-02-27, 07:14

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