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Mermaid Layla

If the game does not start, try the following in Google Chrome: 1. go to setting 2. search "flash" 3. click "content setting" 4. click "flash" 5. enable "Allow sites to run flash" 6. Disable " Ask first" Now refresh the page and the flash game will run
Mermaid Layla
Swim through the beautiful ocean with mermaid Layla in this free winx club game. Collect as many sparkling diamonds, clams and glowing love hearts as you can. Remember to avoid the nasty and harmful sting rays and other sea predators! This game features an online score board system so once you've finished the game you can upload your own score and compete with others.
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Date: 2013-06-25

75189 Users Played

If you're stuck and you're unsure how to play the game, just click on the "How?" button on the main game screen. If you're still struggling with the controls, they're easy. To make Layla swim up press your spacebar. She will eventually drift down by herself. To go backwards and forwards use the left and right arrow keys. The goal of this game is to swim through the ocean collecting as many clams as possible.

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    nefeli 2970
    say ur name 10 times
    say ur moms name 5 times
    say ur crush's name 3 times
    paste this on 5 other games in 143 mins
    press f6 and you crush's name appear in big letters.
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    peyton royal 30600
    What is the point of the hearts if they don't work
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    this game is not that bad even do mine glitches
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    peyton royal 30600
    i'm not i comment more than anyone here... add me
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