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HalloWinx Dressup

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HalloWinx Dressup
One of the infamous winx club members have been invited to a Halloween party! Being in the style of Halloween and with so much choice and so many cool outfits to choose from, this, imaginably, has left the winx club member spoiled for choice! Can you help this winx girl pick out a costume for Halloween? Can you help her make a final decision? You can?! That's great! What will you pick? The highly renowned original witch outfit? Perhaps a spooky mummy?! Choose from an assortment of clothes neatly arranged in the Gothic styled wardrobe. There you will find, girly witch dresses, loose fitting skirts that you can pair with corsets or lacy sleeved shirts as well as a great variety of accessories. Be sure to have your winx club girl looking the absolute part for the Halloween party this year! Happy Halloween!
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Date: 2016-04-13

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    this game is great for girls that dream of desighning.
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